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Rules of conduct to protect us from COVID-19

Dear Underwater Friends,

in view of the resumption of activity, it seems useful to inform you about the rules of conduct that must be followed by all of us, to return to have fun in total safety.

In drafting these indications we have referred to the SIMSI protocol updated on May 4th. To succeed in this we will need the collaboration of all of you.

Booking dives :  WhatsApp message; at the first booking it is also necessary to send a copy of the patent, which will then be used to fill in the boat sheet remotely. Anyone who has not yet delivered the medical certificate is requested to send it as soon as possible.


Arrival at the diving center : half an hour before departure equipped with a mask (those called "selfish", ie filtering ones characterized by a visible valve are not allowed). Any accompanying persons will not be able to access the diving premises.


Access to the diving : the premises have already been equipped to accommodate 8/9 people safely and with the distances currently envisaged. It is recommended that you wear a mask and keep your distance, especially when entering and leaving the premises.


Prevention measures : the premises and the dinghy will be sanitized with the nebulization method with the products required by the regulations, several times a day in the case of double dives.  At the entrance to the diving center you will have to measure the temperature with a special infrared thermometer and sanitize your hands. In every room and on the boat there will be hand disinfectant gel. An information form on the state of health must also be completed before arriving at the diving center.

Diving organization : we ask you to arrive at the diving center with the costume already worn, in order to use the changing rooms only at the end of the dives. Personal clothing must be placed in bags or sacks that must be closed. It is important, in the case of other people present at the same time inside and outside the diving center, to keep a safe distance and the mask worn. On the outside, areas will be drawn, duly spaced from each other, where you will have to assemble the cylinder with your equipment. We ourselves will procure the previously sanitized cylinder, placing it in the aforementioned area. Once the equipment has been assembled, it is advisable to protect the regulators with a bag. It is absolutely forbidden to enter the compressor room and use, without authorization, diving equipment . Any of your needs will be promptly met upon request. At the time of boarding, each diver will bring their own equipment to the dock, handing it to the boatman who will place it on the rack and take it for the buoyancy compensator. Currently, awaiting official communications, we believe 8/9 people can be embarked. On board and until returning to the dock, no one has to handle the equipment of other divers, except to help with pre-dive dressing, always having the foresight to touch only the buoyancy compensator. In particular, avoid contamination of masks, hoods and regulators. Any backup equipment and protective mask should be stored in a closed bag. At the end of the dive, keeping your distance, you will approach the ladder one at a time, handing ballast and fins to the boatman and climbing independently on the boat; in case of difficulty you can tie the group (ARA) to the boat, in order to retrieve it once on board. The mask will need to be put on as soon as possible. Upon returning to the dock, all divers will get off the boat and wait, at a safe distance, for the boatman to hand over the equipment. The use of rinsing tanks is absolutely forbidden. Everyone will rinse their equipment, using the rods on the dock three people at a time without creating a crowd. The empty cylinders will be placed by each diver in the indicated point outside the compressor room. It is necessary to use the shower one at a time. In the event of a subsequent dive, please leave the diving premises as soon as possible. In any case, we invite you to avoid gatherings up to different regulatory provisions.


Diving equipment rental : equipment rental will be possible only in exceptional cases; currently all the regulators have been sanitized and placed in vacuum containers and the wetsuits covered with clothes protection bags, a material which obviously after any use will be sanitized again. The backup equipment on board the dinghy was also stored protected from any contamination.


Food and drinks : up to different provisions, the administration of cooked food will be suspended;  packaged snacks will be made available to divers. In the diving room there is already a water dispenser that every diver can draw with a disposable compostable glass or with a personal bottle. For the travel time on the dinghy each diver must have a full personal bottle, in order to drink before and / or after the dive. In any case, a water supply will be ensured on board.


We are aware of the inconveniences that we will all face, but prudence is the only way to protect ourselves and everyone else. We are confident that we will succeed with your collaboration and compliance with the rules, while returning to have fun in total safety.

Alessandro and Isabella

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